Textile Sisterhood Giveaway is LIVE!

Textile Sisterhood Giveaway

I love the color pink because it is so joyful and simply put, it brightens up my day.  I loving having bright pink accents around my house and as part of my outfits… because just seeing this color makes me happy.  In this chilly weather especially, it’s a warmth that I appreciate greatly.

What do YOU like about pink?

We’ve teamed up with 8 other ethical women makers and founders to bring you a pink bundle of joy giveaway, and we want to know what YOU think about this color. Tell us on IG and enter  to win 9 separate prizes – that’s a lot of beauty 🌸🌸🌸

Join in on the fun via Instagram @kakawdesigns!

Textile Sisterhood Giveaway 2Collage.jpg

For this giveaway, we’ve partnered with (left to right):

Cardamom Collective 


Kakaw Designs (that’s us!)



Kari by Kriti

Global Elective

Liya Mira

Cielo Collective


Good luck!!






New Textile Option for Boots!

A couple of weeks ago, we made an announcement to our dear newsletter subscribers that we had select already-made pairs of boots at 50% off.  It was Spring Cleaning time!

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I was surprised to see how fast the boots went – it looked like our kind subscribers had been waiting for just such a sale.  We cleared up some room and our friends got some beautiful boots 🙌 Win-win!

Some of the very first ones to go were ones with bright, detailed designs, often of flowers.  The textiles in Guatemala are just so beautiful!  So here is a new design, only 2 pairs available to make with this beautiful huipil from the village of San Antonio Aguas Calientes.  But don’t worry, with the little leftover parts we will be making some gorgeous silver textile necklaces.  We won’t let this piece go to waste!

San Antonio Aguas Calientes peacock

Design your boot: Original Curved or Original Straight?

A favorite for scarf season

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We love all our products, but we’re so excited that this chilly season the top favorite has been the newest scarf addition, our Corte Wrap.  It’s beautiful and cozy, but more that that, we are including two different groups of artisans in its production – the weavers who prepare the naturally-dyed cotton thread, and the embroiderers who do all the amazing embroidery work, stitch by stitch ❤️


Francisca with the naturally-dyed thread her cooperative prepares.  She liked the finished prototype!


Embroidery master sisters at work!


Stitch by stitch…


And the result is a super soft, cozy scarf ❤️


Corte Wrap.jpg

Kelly from Cardamom Collective snatched one of our prototypes!


Adrienne shows off her Corte Wrap AND her Quetzal Backpack 😆


Rachel and Laura both got a hold of these beauties with red stripes… lucky them!

Want your own?  Use discount code SCARFLOVE for $20 off your own Corte Wrap just until January 25, 2017.


Meet Herlinda, university student from Maya Traditions

Have you heard about our special collaboration with Maya Traditions this month? Our goal is to raise funds for university tuition for students like Herlinda.  Everyone in the Youth Education Fund comes from an artisan family that Maya Tradition works with, and it’s a HUGE deal for them to be attending university.



We’d like to introduce you to one of these amazing students, Herlinda (in the middle, with that adorable smile!):


Herlinda is 22 years old and from Nahualá, Guatemala.  She is studying Law in university, which here in Guatemala is a 5-year program. Guatemala needs more Herlindas to move forward!

When asked “Why is it important to attend university?” she answered:

Now days, a university degree is indispensable.  The majority of organizations recruit people with degrees and several years of work experience.  This means that in order to have better work opportunities, it is necessary to have general and critical knowledge.  I think that studying in university will give me the opportunity to get to know the legal realities of our country, and this will allow me to share with others and hear their experiences.

Here’s some background info on education in Guatemala:

In Guatemala there is a clear need for increased educational opportunities and youth development initiatives.  The Guatemalan Ministry of Education reports that only 61% of junior-high (básico) age youth and only 32% of senior-high (diversificado) age youth are enrolled in school.  The educational realities are even more disparaging for indigenous populations. The majority (62.3%) of the 556,000 children aged 7-14 not attending school is indigenous, and the highest rates of illiteracy occur in rural areas with an indigenous population. This is largely due to the extreme poverty faced by many indigenous Guatemalans and a poor education system that offers little opportunity to advance economic sustainability. Government-run public schools are under-funded, overcrowded, and offer antiquated curriculums. The alternative private schools are often too expensive for a vast majority of indigenous families, 75% of whom live below the poverty line.

Take a moment to check out our Original Boots and our Quetzal Shoes, with 20% of sales going towards supporting students like Herlinda with their university education this September.

Textile choices with text

Alison bigger

Alison in her Original Boots made with Cielo textile

Find Kakaw on Collectivitea!

Friends, there’s now another easy place to find your favorite Kakaw products.

We’re pretty excited to be part of such an awesome ethical treasure marketplace…Collectivitea!  The cool thing about shopping there is that the marketplace is FULL of beautiful things… so you can buy from lots of different sellers (just like on Etsy) and have one cart and one checkout.  Make sure to take a look.


We are a small team of creatives and creative entrepreneurs who, inspired by the thriving bazaars and markets around the world, have created this platform for independent sellers to sell their hand-crafted, printed, woven, designed, painted, sculpted, embroidered, knitted, drawn, illustrated (you get the idea!) or ethically sourced items, helping them reach a wider audience.
But that’s not all.
We want to use Collectivitea to draw attention to communities, causes and organizations that need our  support. Collectivitea. Let’s do it together.

Learn more.

Just some of our products found on Collectivitea: