Magical Fairy Tale – Jessica

When this lovely gal Jessica Boynton told me she was going to wear her Kakaw footwear (she’s got three pairs, after all) for a photoshoot, I was so excited.  I knew the images would come out so beautiful.  But these photos have exceeded any possible expectations, they are so stunning!  Big props to the clearly very talented Caroline Alexander!  Thank you both for these amazing images ❤️

Make sure to take a look at the original post by Caroline here 🌺




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The FUN photoshoot :)

Sometimes the best photos are the blurry ones with silly faces.  We don’t get to share those much on our website  (I guess we should keep things clean and professional…🙄) so from a couple of recent little photoshoots with friends, here’s a selection of The Best Fun Shots:


Work it, Libby!




La Santa Libby



Thanks ladies for the fun photos!

And hey, if you’re in the mood for some seriously excellent photos, take a look at our new Lookbook!



May Photo Contest Winner!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the photo contest this month. It’s always so much fun to see how our artisanmade products are worn and loved.

Check out some of the photos we received… and scroll down to see the winner!

1st Day of School

Adrienne at Ben Lomond, California.  Amazing Redwood trees!  Fantastic to see our Quetzal Backpack and Hummingbird Wrap in the forest.



Adrienne with her Quetzal Backpack and her new Corte Wrap, having fun at a Fair Trade fair in California.

Clifts of Moher Jessica O'Neill

Jessica at the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland, with her Hummingbird Boots.  What an incredible view!

1- Garden of the Gods

This one was actually an Instagram feature by Erin Outdoors @erinoutdoors… but throwing it in here because it’s so purdy.  Photo by @shortstache


Kelly showing off her complete outfit with a Quetzal Wrap in Palo de la Vida and Quetzal Backpack.


Kelly requested an oversize matching wallet for her backpack… they look great together!


AND THE WINNER IS…… (drum roll please…)

Holley, who spent an entire day shooting these shots with her friend Maya wearing her Macaw Boots at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  I especially love that it shows how much fun they had on this beautiful day.  The magic is definitely real in this shoot that Holley titled “Alice in the Jungle Book”.




Thank you everyone for taking part, and congratulations to Holley – she’ll be getting a Macaw Wallet of her choice, either Brick or Forest.  Yay!!


Photoshoot Fun: New Corte Wraps

Oh, Antigua, you are so picturesque.  We took these shots literally right outside my house.  Actually, took these photos (with my friend Laura’s help, because I asked her to model this time around)!  I’ve never considered myself a photographer, but I could get used to this… so much fun!  Especially after a week of avoiding the crazy streets for Semana Santa, it was great to enjoy a much calmer day in town.

Take a look:

New ArrivalsIMG_7173 - CopyIMG_7159IMG_7157 - CopyWeb 2Web 4IMG_7139 - Copy


The Corte Wraps are online now!  $90 with embroidery by hand using naturally-dyed cotton thread.

Interview by Beyoutiful Hope!

We’re so honored to be featured on the lovely ethical fashion blog Beyoutiful Hope.

Christine first contacted me a while back via Instagram, and we’re so excited for all the beautiful photos of her with our Quetzal Backpack, her review of the product, and her interview of Mari (me)!

Here’s a little glimpse, but make sure to check out the whole post on Beyoutiful Hope.



“Today, with my completely romantic with a hint of explorer outfit, I am sporting the Kakaw Designs Quetzal Backpack. Sturdily made with leather, thick naturally dyed textiles and two inch wide straps, this actually fits my school binder and books, making it the perfect school pack. There are also two large pockets on the inside to store pencils, your sell phone, and lady things. haha. As far as the outside finish, I absolutely love the texture and finish of the leather. In the interview below, you can learn more about the leather smith that Kakaw Designs partners with, right in Guatemala.”

Thank you, Christine!  And remember to check out the whole post.