What good friends are for…

After a lovely brunch the other day with this beauty Jessie, she let me take a few quick snaps featuring some of our handwoven scarves, naturally-dyed always.  Jess and I have known each other since we were in middle school… oh, how we have changed since those awkward teen years. 😆 She was always a beautiful ballerina, but has really blossomed into this confident woman, and a professional model, too.

Take a look at some of the shots, just taken on my iPhone.


Palo de la vida giraffee webQuetzal Wrap palo jess webQuetzal Wrap curcuma jess webQuetzal Wrap palo jess web 2**Doesn’t she make our scarves look gorgeous? You know you want to —-> Shop Scarves**

Thanks, Jess!  You’re the best!



Magical Fairy Tale – Jessica

When this lovely gal Jessica Boynton told me she was going to wear her Kakaw footwear (she’s got three pairs, after all) for a photoshoot, I was so excited.  I knew the images would come out so beautiful.  But these photos have exceeded any possible expectations, they are so stunning!  Big props to the clearly very talented Caroline Alexander!  Thank you both for these amazing images ❤️

Make sure to take a look at the original post by Caroline here 🌺




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