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Just a note that our 25% off sale is going on! Use code HOLIDAYS2018 for 25% off all orders over $50 until December 31st.

We took a different approach this year. Usually we try to avoid selling out of products, but this year that’s already proven difficult. Some of our newest items are now sold out, but still plenty of other items are in stock for shipping both from US and Guatemala, so don’t worry.

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Finally online… new treasures!

It’s no secret that designing and producing new items is more challenging when far, far, away from the talented artisans we work with. I’ve been outside of Guatemala for the better part of a whole year now, and this is one of the things I miss most about being in Guatemala: the ability to try new things with artisans, this sort of “trial and error” process that every new product needs. I can still sketch anywhere I am, and of course I’ve gotten new ideas for products as a student in Europe – new product needs, new patterns, new colors, new aesthetics, new weather needs, too ❄️. But the conversations with artisans, and physically feeling textures and seeing colors… these are things very challenging to accomplish while so far away.

All this to say that I’m extra pleased to announce the addition of these items, finally online and available for shipping from the US.

I’d like to add a special note here to say that these items would not have been possible to make come true without the existing relationships with the talented artisan groups we partner with in Guatemala. I think over the years we’ve gotten to know each other’s strengths, and have been able to figure out what kind of beauties we can make together. It must be extremely challenging for them to also communicate with me via email and messages, they’ve done a wonderful job and I am so grateful.

It felt great to be back and lead the first Textile Travels in August. I’m thinking about doing another trip in the summer of 2019, let me know if you’re interested in hearing more. Photos below were taken in Chichicastenango by Leander Khil.








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Chosen for the holidays!

Check it out, this is a cool shout out because it’s seemingly random and that’s what makes it so special.

NYC chef Lisa Adams listed Kakaw Designs in her list All Good Gift Guide 2016 😆


So cool to find out that she loves her Mercado Bag!

My Mercado bag accompanied me to the beach all summer, is used to carry dance clothes on my way to classes, and it’s a lightweight carry-on that makes me feel global wherever my destination. I use Kakaw Designs table linens in my food photoshoots as well as everyday use at my dinner table.

Make sure to check out the entire list!


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Holiday Bundles with De La Gente

We’re so excited to team up with De La Gente to provide the best holiday bundles for coffee and tea lovers everywhere ☕️

De La Gente Holiday Bundle.jpg

Gua-TEA-mala: Whether basking in the winter sunshine or relaxing by the fire, tea is the perfect accompaniment – Cascara Tea in particular. Enjoy a hot cup of tea prepared any way you like it, get inspired by the recipes in our free Cascara Recipe Book. Measure out heaping tablespoons of tea for each recipe with a hand-carved scoop made in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle and sip from a hand-crafted & painted mug produced by artisans at Lake Atitlán with a vintage tea-towel embellished by hand embroidery by women artisans in Sumpango. This is the perfect tea collection with artisanal products that will dress up any kitchen style.

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