What good friends are for…

After a lovely brunch the other day with this beauty Jessie, she let me take a few quick snaps featuring some of our handwoven scarves, naturally-dyed always. ¬†Jess and I have known each other since we were in middle school… oh, how we have changed since those awkward teen years. ūüėÜ She was always a beautiful ballerina, but has really blossomed into this confident woman, and a professional model, too.

Take a look at some of the shots, just taken on my iPhone.


Palo de la vida giraffee webQuetzal Wrap palo jess webQuetzal Wrap curcuma jess webQuetzal Wrap palo jess web 2**Doesn’t she make our scarves look gorgeous? You know you want to —->¬†Shop Scarves**

Thanks, Jess! ¬†You’re the best!



New! Quetzal Wrap


Luxuriously wide (20 inches) and with an intricate ikat design, we’re pretty excited about the Quetzal Wrap.

Naturally-dyed by hand with ikat knots and handwoven on a traditional backstrap loom, this wrap is truly a gem.  The navy of course comes from the classic indigo, and the yellow tone from turmeric (yes, like in curry).  The thin cotton thread makes for a super soft wrap.  Perfect for those chilly days and nights!


Order yours now! ¬†We’ve already sold a few, so we’re expecting these beauties to go pretty fast. ¬†$90 at kakawdesigns.com.¬† Of course, the weavers will be happy to make more, but because the entire process of dyeing and weaving takes a lot of work, it will take us 2-3 weeks to be able to restock.

Francisca Scarves

Francisca with the finished wraps!

Time to Celebrate!

Things are happening in


You’ve probably heard the news: both President and Vice President forced to resign, and Guatemalans voted for a comedian as next president.

Oh yes, there’s lots going on back here in Guate-linda. ¬†Thanks to a UN-backed investigation on corruption, both the Prez and the VP were revealed to have been involved in a huge corruption scandal, involving taking lots of bribes. ¬†Not that surprising, but this time around, both were forced to resign, and are now facing some serious charges. ¬†And THAT is the first!

Guatemalans have come together and they want change. ¬†In the first round of votes for the next president, a comedian with no political experience came in first. ¬†We won’t know until we have the next round of votes in October if Jimmy will be our next leader, but it looks likely now. ¬†Guatemala wants out of the old corrupt political system, and maybe some comedy is exactly the answer?

Back in the US….

What a different world it is!

A part of me had forgotten what it was like for the pedestrian to have right of way, to run on the trail feeling safe, and eat such a variety of delicious foods (I had a mental list of everything I wanted to eat: Pad Thai, Pho Soup, Chipotle burrito, fresh lobster…Check, check, and check!).

I had also almost forgotten that California is a pretty cool place, and San Francisco just amazing. ¬†This nomad saw the appeal in living in such a gorgeous town full of cool, eco-friendly people. ¬†I admit, I felt terrible when I failed to carry a shopping bag with me, as everyone should.¬† Those cute little stores really sneak up on you… and then there I was, buying something without a bag. ¬†It took a couple of times for me to learn and always carry a bag in my purse, no matter where I was going.

Don’t let this happen to you! ¬†Celebrate bag-free California, and political changes in Guatemala!

Get two Mercado Bags for $35,

(saving $15!) so you can carry a piece of Guatemala with you and be environmentally friendly, too.

Use code “celebrateguatemala”. ¬†Applicable for Mercado Bags sold in pairs only, and until September 30th!

Now that’s something to smile about ūüôā