New Textile Option for Boots!

A couple of weeks ago, we made an announcement to our dear newsletter subscribers that we had select already-made pairs of boots at 50% off.  It was Spring Cleaning time!

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I was surprised to see how fast the boots went – it looked like our kind subscribers had been waiting for just such a sale.  We cleared up some room and our friends got some beautiful boots 🙌 Win-win!

Some of the very first ones to go were ones with bright, detailed designs, often of flowers.  The textiles in Guatemala are just so beautiful!  So here is a new design, only 2 pairs available to make with this beautiful huipil from the village of San Antonio Aguas Calientes.  But don’t worry, with the little leftover parts we will be making some gorgeous silver textile necklaces.  We won’t let this piece go to waste!

San Antonio Aguas Calientes peacock

Design your boot: Original Curved or Original Straight?

Custom-made means made for YOU!

Did you know that we can make some alterations to make sure that our boots will fit you?

Like this pair made with a widened calf, a special order.  We had the customer measure her calf to ensure a good fit.  And we did it!  She’s super pleased with her “forever boots” as she calls them 🙌


Got special feet?  Just let us know! Shoot us an email at and we can figure out if there’s something we can do for you.  Take advantage this December!  Order your boots at



We’ve got some already-crafted boots and shoes on sale!  During this busy holiday season, we’d like to take advantage of the stock we already have and can ship to you ASAP!

Can’t find your size?  Don’t worry, we’ll make you a custom-made pair for 25% off this month only with code DECEMBERBOOTS.  Get some inspiration from the video:


25% off ready boots, 30% off slightly worn (used for photoshoots). Shipping is included to the US. Interested?  Let Mari know at!

Remember, all boots come in a Mercado Bag and with a little shoe polish kit.  We want to make sure that your boots will be taken care of and cherished for years to come.  Products in the US will be shipped within a 3 days through USPS (expected delivery depends, about a week usually), and products from Guatemala will arrive at your door in the US within 2 weeks.  It will take longer for other destinations.


See something you like? Let Mari know at! Payment will be processed through PayPal.

21Macaw Boots, size 37.  Ready to ship from Guatemala. 25% off; now $258.75.


Original Straight Boots in Aguacatán Corte, size 38.  Slightly worn, 30% off now $185.50.  Ready to ship from the US.


Hummingbird Boots in Indigo, size 39.  Ready to ship from the US. 25% off; now $258.75.


Hummingbird Boots in Palo de la Vida, size 39.  Ready to ship from the US. 25% off, so now $258.75.


Hummingbird Boots in Cochinilla, size 41.  Ready to ship from the US. 25% off; now $258.75


Tall Perrito Boots, size 41.  Ready to ship from Guatemala. 25% off; now $258.75


Original Curved Boot with Aguacatán Corte, size 41. Ready to ship from the US.  25% off; now $198.75.


– SOLD – Original Curved Boot with Almolonga Corte, size 39. Ready to ship from the US.  25% off; now $198.75.


Original Curved Boot with Maya Traditions textile, size 39. Ready to ship from the US.  25% off; now $198.75.


Quetzal Shoes with Maya Traditions textile, size 41.  Ready to ship from the US. 25% off; now $146.25.


Quetzal Shoes with Tecpán Zigzag textile, size 40.  Ready to ship from the US. 25% off; now $146.25.

Meet Herlinda, university student from Maya Traditions

Have you heard about our special collaboration with Maya Traditions this month? Our goal is to raise funds for university tuition for students like Herlinda.  Everyone in the Youth Education Fund comes from an artisan family that Maya Tradition works with, and it’s a HUGE deal for them to be attending university.



We’d like to introduce you to one of these amazing students, Herlinda (in the middle, with that adorable smile!):


Herlinda is 22 years old and from Nahualá, Guatemala.  She is studying Law in university, which here in Guatemala is a 5-year program. Guatemala needs more Herlindas to move forward!

When asked “Why is it important to attend university?” she answered:

Now days, a university degree is indispensable.  The majority of organizations recruit people with degrees and several years of work experience.  This means that in order to have better work opportunities, it is necessary to have general and critical knowledge.  I think that studying in university will give me the opportunity to get to know the legal realities of our country, and this will allow me to share with others and hear their experiences.

Here’s some background info on education in Guatemala:

In Guatemala there is a clear need for increased educational opportunities and youth development initiatives.  The Guatemalan Ministry of Education reports that only 61% of junior-high (básico) age youth and only 32% of senior-high (diversificado) age youth are enrolled in school.  The educational realities are even more disparaging for indigenous populations. The majority (62.3%) of the 556,000 children aged 7-14 not attending school is indigenous, and the highest rates of illiteracy occur in rural areas with an indigenous population. This is largely due to the extreme poverty faced by many indigenous Guatemalans and a poor education system that offers little opportunity to advance economic sustainability. Government-run public schools are under-funded, overcrowded, and offer antiquated curriculums. The alternative private schools are often too expensive for a vast majority of indigenous families, 75% of whom live below the poverty line.

Take a moment to check out our Original Boots and our Quetzal Shoes, with 20% of sales going towards supporting students like Herlinda with their university education this September.

Textile choices with text

Alison bigger

Alison in her Original Boots made with Cielo textile

September Collaboration with Maya Traditions

Happy September!

We’re officially transitioning into Fall (for those of you who have all four seasons… here in Guatemala, we don’t :/ ), and that also means that Back to School is in the air.  I hope that is a positive feeling for you all.  It sure is for me – I LOVE FALL!

With that in mind, we’re so excited to announce our special collaboration this month with Maya Traditions!  Choose from one of four handwoven textile designs from Maya Traditions for our Original Boots and Quetzal Shoes, and we will donate 20% of the sales to support university students.  These are children of indigenous weavers who most likely are the first in their families to attend college.

Backstrap MTF Kakaw logos.png

Check out these beautiful handwoven textiles, all on a traditional backstrap loom:


Cielo logo textAgua logo textTierra logo textMontaña logo text

Which color will you choose?  Here’s my favorite ❤️:





We’re going to Renegade Chicago!

Did you hear the good news?

We’re so excited to announce that…. WE’RE GOING TO CHICAGO!


If you’re in the area, please come join us!  And even if you’re not, help us by sharing the Facebook event.  We’ve teamed up with Kelly from Cardamom Collective to offer you the ultimate textile-loving booth ❤️ There’s even rumors of a special drink with cacao and cardamom… don’t miss it!


Great Fundraiser for Animal-Assisted Therapy!

Last month, we had a wonderful fundraiser pop-up for Bocalán Guatemala and Fundación Way-bi here in Antigua.  We had our products for sale with 20-40% of the proceeds going to the two organizations for their animal-assisted therapy programs.  Suburbia Lounge also donated 10% of all food and drink sales, so together we were able to raise a good chunk of money 🙂

Suburbia Gracias.jpg

THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by!  Just with Kakaw sales we were able to raise over 1000Q.


Quentin and Berry, best friends 🐶


Great mimosas, the best brunch in town!


It’s fun to be able to sell one-of-a-kind products not found on 🙂

MUCHAS GRACIAS!  It’s always amazing to see all the supporters of Kakaw come out in person.  We really appreciate it!




May Photo Contest Winner!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the photo contest this month. It’s always so much fun to see how our artisanmade products are worn and loved.

Check out some of the photos we received… and scroll down to see the winner!

1st Day of School

Adrienne at Ben Lomond, California.  Amazing Redwood trees!  Fantastic to see our Quetzal Backpack and Hummingbird Wrap in the forest.



Adrienne with her Quetzal Backpack and her new Corte Wrap, having fun at a Fair Trade fair in California.

Clifts of Moher Jessica O'Neill

Jessica at the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland, with her Hummingbird Boots.  What an incredible view!

1- Garden of the Gods

This one was actually an Instagram feature by Erin Outdoors @erinoutdoors… but throwing it in here because it’s so purdy.  Photo by @shortstache


Kelly showing off her complete outfit with a Quetzal Wrap in Palo de la Vida and Quetzal Backpack.


Kelly requested an oversize matching wallet for her backpack… they look great together!


AND THE WINNER IS…… (drum roll please…)

Holley, who spent an entire day shooting these shots with her friend Maya wearing her Macaw Boots at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  I especially love that it shows how much fun they had on this beautiful day.  The magic is definitely real in this shoot that Holley titled “Alice in the Jungle Book”.




Thank you everyone for taking part, and congratulations to Holley – she’ll be getting a Macaw Wallet of her choice, either Brick or Forest.  Yay!!


Trunk Show in San Francisco!

All you lucky friends of the Bay – we’ll see you SOON at Wallflower, one of our retailer boutiques in San Francisco.  We’ve got products up to 20% off (including boots!), and beauties never seen before… because they’re not even listed online.  We’ll be releasing sneak peeks on Instagram, and let us know if there’s something that interests you – once we’ve got everything in the US, it’s easy to ship.



Get Ready SF draft 3


See you at 1176 Valencia, folks!