Holiday Bundles with De La Gente

We’re so excited to team up with De La Gente to provide the best holiday bundles for coffee and tea lovers everywhere ☕️

De La Gente Holiday Bundle.jpg

Gua-TEA-mala: Whether basking in the winter sunshine or relaxing by the fire, tea is the perfect accompaniment – Cascara Tea in particular. Enjoy a hot cup of tea prepared any way you like it, get inspired by the recipes in our free Cascara Recipe Book. Measure out heaping tablespoons of tea for each recipe with a hand-carved scoop made in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle and sip from a hand-crafted & painted mug produced by artisans at Lake Atitlán with a vintage tea-towel embellished by hand embroidery by women artisans in Sumpango. This is the perfect tea collection with artisanal products that will dress up any kitchen style.

Order yours now!

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