September Collaboration with Maya Traditions

Happy September!

We’re officially transitioning into Fall (for those of you who have all four seasons… here in Guatemala, we don’t :/ ), and that also means that Back to School is in the air.  I hope that is a positive feeling for you all.  It sure is for me – I LOVE FALL!

With that in mind, we’re so excited to announce our special collaboration this month with Maya Traditions!  Choose from one of four handwoven textile designs from Maya Traditions for our Original Boots and Quetzal Shoes, and we will donate 20% of the sales to support university students.  These are children of indigenous weavers who most likely are the first in their families to attend college.

Backstrap MTF Kakaw logos.png

Check out these beautiful handwoven textiles, all on a traditional backstrap loom:


Cielo logo textAgua logo textTierra logo textMontaña logo text

Which color will you choose?  Here’s my favorite ❤️:






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