Come join us for Tea

We’d love to have you over for some tea.  Not in Antigua?  Don’t worry, take a look at this post by Once Upon a Tea Time for a virtual garden tour and tea at Mari’s home.



Today’s post is about an afternoon tea spent with Mari Gray of Kakaw Designs. Kakaw Designs has a store here on Collectivitea and they sell artisan-made textile products. Now, if you’ve been reading OUATT for even a short time, you know of my obsession with textiles and so, to have Mari open a Collectivitea store here was a big thrill for me. The handmade textile products are made in Guatemala by artisan communities. Mari herself lives there, and she designs and works with different communities- weavers, leather workers, to name just two- and sells the products both locally and online. There are textile wraps, scarves, pendants, bags, wallets and beautiful leather boots. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check them out. Their organization embodies so much of what Collectivitea represents- creativity, entrepreneurship, artisanal, handmade. Indie. Cool. Now that you have the background, I want you to imagine yourself in the lush Guatemalan landscape and go on a visit with me to see how tea time looks at Mari’s house..

Make sure to see the whole post!


Speaking of Tea Time… make sure to check out our coasters and tea towels on Cardamom Collective website.



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