New! Zero Waste Coasters and Tea Towels

Kakaw Designs is definitely a step by step process… and while expanding with new designs and increased production has been amazing, it’s also been a challenge to keep up with the textile and leather scraps from the production.  Ideally, we would have NO waste… but the truth is, there are always pieces leftover.  As part of our commitment to reduce waste and employ local artisans (in this case, both dyers of cotton using natural dyes and embroiders) we’re proud to present our Coasters and Tea Towels!

Find them for sale at!

Mix and match Coasters set of 4 for $26, Tea Towels $20/each.

Coasters by Kakaw Designs


Perfect coasters for tea/coffee time ❤️ Or… even wine time?

Tea towels

Tea towels to spruce up your kitchen!


Choose your favorite naturally-dyed color.

These items look great in the Cardamom Collective shop.  Make sure to take a look!

cardamom collective logo


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