Find Kakaw on Collectivitea!

Friends, there’s now another easy place to find your favorite Kakaw products.

We’re pretty excited to be part of such an awesome ethical treasure marketplace…Collectivitea!  The cool thing about shopping there is that the marketplace is FULL of beautiful things… so you can buy from lots of different sellers (just like on Etsy) and have one cart and one checkout.  Make sure to take a look.


We are a small team of creatives and creative entrepreneurs who, inspired by the thriving bazaars and markets around the world, have created this platform for independent sellers to sell their hand-crafted, printed, woven, designed, painted, sculpted, embroidered, knitted, drawn, illustrated (you get the idea!) or ethically sourced items, helping them reach a wider audience.
But that’s not all.
We want to use Collectivitea to draw attention to communities, causes and organizations that need our  support. Collectivitea. Let’s do it together.

Learn more.

Just some of our products found on Collectivitea:


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