Kakaw and Birds

We still get this question a lot: Why Kakaw?

First of all, if you don’t know how to pronounce that strange K-word, it’s just like this.

To quote myself from two years ago:

Q: Why Kakaw?

A: “Kakaw” is the word in the indigenous Mayan language K’iché for “cacao”, the wonderful plant that gives us chocolate.  In Guatemala, the Maya were enjoying kakaw drinks over 2,500 years ago.  It’s no wonder the scientific name for the plant means “food of the gods.”

We love this word because we love nature, Maya traditions, Guatemala, dark chocolate, treating ourselves, and hey, did we mention Mari has a cacao leaf tattoo?  We took it as a sign from the Kakaw god.

Want to learn more about the historical significance of cacao?  Check out this post on the medicinal and ritualistic use of chocolate.

And with that image of a cacao tree in mind, our collections are named after birds: Quetzal, Hummingbird, Macaw, and coming soon… Toucan.

Cacao tree_birds

When I explain this, I tend to get an “Ahaaaaa!” kind of response 🙂  I hope you understand us better now, and like the concept.  We think it’s pretty cool.




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