We’re part of the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise!

BIG NEWS!  We’re so excited!


Kakaw Designs Alliance logo

We couldn’t be happier to be part of the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise!  What an honor!  We look forward to hearing stories from other artisan-minded businesses an non-profits, and sharing our journey, too.  It’s a good feeling to be part of a bigger movement.


AAE Logo square

The mission of the Alliance is to support the power and potential of the artisan sector to create jobs, increase incomes, enhance cultural heritage and promote development that respects the uniqueness of people and place.


The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise is a vibrant community of over 100 members and partners working together to tell the world the artisan sector matters. Our network brings together the diverse faces of artisan enterprise, from Patagonian weavers and Rwandan basket-makers to government partners, designers, technical service providers, and individuals passionate about the handcrafted marketplace. We take a collaborative approach to development, sharing resources and best practices to promote undervalued artisans and their communities around the world.

Learn more on their website.


Stay tuned for more, and remember to #chooseartisan. 🙂



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