US shipment vacation

Just a heads up, friends!  Our lovely US distributor Kelly is going on vacation to Europe (yes, we’re all jealous), which means that shipments from US will be suspended from June 13 – July 7.  We’ll continue to work on custom-made boots and other products shipped directly from Guatemala as usual.  If you have any questions, let us know at!

Since we won’t be able to ship these beauties for a couple of weeks, we thought we’d encourage you to buy them now 🙂  Our Macaw Tote and Macaw Wallet are on sale until Sunday, June 12th.

Both items use naturally-dyed ikat textiles woven on a backstrap loom by our partner cooperative of weavers.  Don’t know what this means?  Watch our video to learn more.

Use code VACATIONTOTE for $20 off the Macaw Tote, and VACATIONWALLET for $10 off the Macaw Wallet.  Or better, get both for $30 off 🙂

Macaw Totes Square

Macaw Tote now $70 using code VACATIONTOTE




Macaw Wallet now $40 using code VACATIONWALLET


Have fun, Kelly, and take lots of pictures in France!



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