Handmade Pendant Collaboration with Cardamom Collective

We’re so excited to be working with another artisan-minded company, Cardamom Collective!  We’ve got some really cool collaboration ideas cooking up, starting with these pendants.


These handmade pendants with silver accents have really given a second life to the textile and leather scraps leftover from our boots and bags production.  These are made with a Todos Santos huipil, with bursts of color.

Since Kelly from Cardamom Collective has experience with jewelry-making, it was a natural idea to send some pendants for her to add the finishing touches.  Take a look at these beauties – with Venetian beads, antique coins, and more!  I love how these pieces now encompass so much more than just Guatemala – they’ve turned into international unique pieces with lots of love, and that’s a very special feeling.

Stay tuned and make sure to check out Cardamom Collective as they will be available for sale soon!  Let us know if you want us to put one aside for you.


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