Quetzal Backpack and Michelle Christina

kakaw-designs-leather-accessories-bag-wallet-guatemala-giveaway-day-job-optional-michelle-christina-larsen (3)

When Michelle Christina featured our Quetzal Backpack on her website Day Job Optional a couple of months ago, we were stunned with these gorgeous photos!  We’ve also been admiring her new website project, so couldn’t resist asking her for more info….  Thank you so much for the collaboration, and take a look below to find out more about MC:
1. Tell us about Day Job Optional, and what inspired you to start the beautiful website!
Day Job Optional is a resource and inspiration blog for travel addicts, digital nomads and freelancers who want more than the 9-5 life. We started out just wanting to post about our travel adventures and get our wanderlust on, but then my co-founder and I realized we have a chance to actually teach our amazing female peers how to live this lifestyle and not just dream about it.
2. We started talking a while back about a collaboration between Day Job Optional and Kakaw Designs.  Why did you choose our Quetzal Backpack as the featured product?
The Quetzal Backpack is striking, and it stood out immediately to me. The design itself reminded me of wandering open air markets in South America (Cuzco, Peru specifically) and browsing the beautiful textiles there. I imagined filling it with travel essentials and taking off on an adventure!
 kakaw-designs-leather-accessories-bag-wallet-guatemala-giveaway-day-job-optional-michelle-christina-larsen (1)
3. Where have you taken the lucky backpack? 
I’ve slung this beauty over my shoulder en route to a writing retreat in Brooklyn, a weekend getaway in the Hudson Valley, and a quick escape to Miami. But it’s going international this year! 😉
4. What new destinations are on your list for 2016?  What will you do in those places?
2016 is a huge travel year for me. I quit my job and am taking on the digital nomad lifestyle full time. I’ll be in Costa Rica for a yoga retreat this February, then I’m off to Mexico for a beachy two-week writer’s retreat, and Panama for an in-between visit before hopping on a boat and seeing the San Blas islands and landing in Colombia, where I’ll be exploring Barranquilla, Cartagena and Medellin before hopping a flight to Bogota and planning the rest of the trip (I’m thinking Havana!). My ticket is one-way, so I’m playing it by ear. In April I am planning a trip to Tokyo, Japan with my brothers and in September, taking my mother to Ireland and Scotland. So, needless to say travel is the absolute focus for this year! 
kakaw-designs-leather-accessories-bag-wallet-guatemala-giveaway-day-job-optional-michelle-christina-larsen (6)
We wish you the best of the best with your upcoming adventures, MC!  We hope that you’ll make your way to Guatemala soon 🙂

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