Happy New Year!

Happy 2016, everyone!  WOW, 2015 went by so fast… and what a wonderful year it turned out to be!  So many exciting things happened, all organically with the support of so many good people, and we are so grateful for it all.  Take a look at some of the good stuff:

  • We started wholesale!  This was a big step for us.  Currently, there are three stores in Antigua that carry our products, and two in the US.  We’re exciting to be expanding to other small boutiques in the new year!
  • We introduced new products with more emphasis on working with local cooperatives.  This means using new handwoven textiles exclusively produced for Kakaw Designs.  We also started working with an embroidery group, and are looking forward to combining beautiful textiles with beautiful embroidery accents using naturally-dyed thread. Oh, the possibilities!
  • We participated in our first major runway fashion show, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Guatemala.  That was a surreal experience, to see our handmade products on the runway, and received so well by the public.
  • We’re starting to get some buzz in the blogging world, with Beyoutiful Hope and Day Job Optional reviewing our products.  Stay tuned for more coming soon!


  • We found Jen, an amazing addition to Kakaw Designs, helping us with distribution from San Francisco. (And modeling for us, too!)


  • We made our first prototype textile pendant with silver and leather accents.  We’re so excited to be introducing jewelry to our mix of products in 2016!


Who knew all this would happen in just one year?  Definitely not me… 2016, bring it on!  We’re ready to take on new challenges!  Thank you, everyone, for all your support!






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