Quetzal Backpack feature by Day Job Optional

We’re pretty excited to share these amazing photos of Michelle Christina from Day Job Optional.  I’m clearly a fan of these shots in New York, but I’m also a fan of their website, created to be “a roadmap for creative babes recovering from the 9-5″… YES!  We all need that in our lives.

Make sure to check out MC’s post about our Quetzal Backpack!  We can’t wait to see where she will take the backpack next year… oh, the possibilities.


kakaw-designs-leather-accessories-bag-wallet-guatemala-giveaway-day-job-optional-michelle-christina-larsen (1)

Kakaw Designs ethically produced accessories with a team of local artisans, weavers, and talented women in Guatemala, where its founder was born. They emphasize traditional Latin American motifs and techniques, using locally sourced materials like leather and hand-woven, hand-dyed textiles. You can read more about their story here.

We snapped these shots of the Quetzal Backpack on the rooftops of Brooklyn to show you how beautiful it really is.”

kakaw-designs-leather-accessories-bag-wallet-guatemala-giveaway-day-job-optional-michelle-christina-larsen (3)kakaw-designs-leather-accessories-bag-wallet-guatemala-giveaway-day-job-optional-michelle-christina-larsen (2)kakaw-designs-leather-accessories-bag-wallet-guatemala-giveaway-day-job-optional-michelle-christina-larsen (6)kakaw-designs-leather-accessories-bag-wallet-guatemala-giveaway-day-job-optional-michelle-christina-larsen (8)

Day Job Optional also has a treat for you:  They’re giving away a Macaw Wallet!  Just follow these easy instructions to enter. Hurry, the random winner will be announced on Monday, December 28th.


Who will be the lucky winner??


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