We’re supporting Open Windows!

There are so many different non-profit organizations in Guatemala, it’s difficult to know which ones to support.  It’s no secret that I am personally pretty picky with NGOs.  With that said, though, I am happy to introduce a well-deserving educational project in the area here in Guatemala.

While I consider Open Windows to be a great NGO, in this case my opinion is not what matters, because the support is coming from a generous donor who has decided to donate a pair of boots to their auction!  So, at their New Year’s Eve Party in Antigua, Open Windows will be auctioning off a voucher for a pair of custom-made boots by Kakaw, with all proceeds going to their programs.

Open Windows.jpg

With a library full of books and computers, Open Windows provides opportunities for kids in San Miguel Dueñas (a small town outside of Antigua) to pursue their own interests and expand their horizons.

Books are incredibly expensive in Latin America, and very difficult to come by. A book here in Spanish can cost more than a book in the US, so access to such luxuries is very difficult in a small agricultural town like San Miguel Dueñas.  No wonder people in Guatemala don’t generally read for pleasure…  It’s a pretty big deal to have access to books and computers for these kids.

Interested in taking part in the auction?  Shoot me an email!  If you are looking to buy a pair of custom-made Original Boots, this is the chance to make sure 100% of the money goes to a well-deserving project.   mari@kakawdesigns.com

To learn more about Open Windows, check out their website and follow them on Facebook.

Feliz Navidad, everyone!


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