Photo Contest Submissions

GRACIAS to everyone who sent us photos with their Kakaw goodies during our November Photo Contest!  We love seeing our goodies in action!

WINNER: This shot, taken in Peru of Kelly, looking lovely with our Quetzal Wrap!

ikat apus

We’re so honored that Kelly would take the wrap all the way to Peru on her vacation!!


Kelly in her home town Minneapolis.

Haley Reynolds

Surprise shot captured of Haley wearing her Hummingbird Boots in Minnesota.

Sarah lounging in her custom-made Original Boots in Antigua.


Sarah showing off her favorite textile, from Todos Santos.  She also has a matching clutch.

Kendra NYPD

Kendra in New York sporting her Hummingbird Boots and Quetzal Tote.

Erin Wrapping

Erin carefully packaging her holiday gifts in Chicago… the inside will be a surprise!


Leah horse 1

Leah wearing her Macaw Boots in Virginia, with her lovely horse.

Tayor Snow

Texan girl Taylor looking adorable in her Macaw Boots in the winter.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for the beautiful photos!  We can see that our Kakaw products are loved.

Stay tuned for the next photo contest, maybe in January  or February, after the holidays?


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