Hummingbird Boot Sale!

Usually our handmade boots are made to order, especially for our Original Boots where we have so many textile options available.  This is great because you can customize your own pair of boots, but it also takes longer as we make them after the order, all by hand… which takes a bit of time.  We’ve also been building up stock, mostly for wholesale, but this December taking advantage of the same 25% off sale for gift certificates for boots, we’ve got these four pairs of our most popular boot for the same deal!  That means right now only $258.75 (normally $345).  They are ready to be shipped NOW and should take 2 weeks to arrive to your door, so order fast!


Hummingbird Boot Sale

Available in sizes 38 and 39, in our most loved color Indigo.  Check the sizing chart if you’re not sure of your European size.

To put in your order email, and we wills end you a PayPal invoice for the payment.

Yes, this is our most popular boot and it makes us so happy!

And if you haven’t seen our video yet, learn how the textile for these boots are naturally-dyed and woven, all by hand:


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