Interview by Beyoutiful Hope!

We’re so honored to be featured on the lovely ethical fashion blog Beyoutiful Hope.

Christine first contacted me a while back via Instagram, and we’re so excited for all the beautiful photos of her with our Quetzal Backpack, her review of the product, and her interview of Mari (me)!

Here’s a little glimpse, but make sure to check out the whole post on Beyoutiful Hope.



“Today, with my completely romantic with a hint of explorer outfit, I am sporting the Kakaw Designs Quetzal Backpack. Sturdily made with leather, thick naturally dyed textiles and two inch wide straps, this actually fits my school binder and books, making it the perfect school pack. There are also two large pockets on the inside to store pencils, your sell phone, and lady things. haha. As far as the outside finish, I absolutely love the texture and finish of the leather. In the interview below, you can learn more about the leather smith that Kakaw Designs partners with, right in Guatemala.”

Thank you, Christine!  And remember to check out the whole post.


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