We’re crazy about our new wraps

We love all our products, of course (that’s why we make them) but we’re really excited about our wraps in particular.  Here’s why:

Hummingbird Wrap in Palo de la Vida

Hummingbird Wrap in Palo de la Vida

They are naturally-dyed and handwoven by our talented partner cooperative.  We’re always thinking of how to incorporate more textile into our pieces, and well our scarves are 100% textile, and that means more support for the weavers.

Francisca Scarves

Francisca, the founder of our partner cooperative of weaves, smiles with our new wraps.

They are luxuriously wide!  20 inches of gorgeousness.

Hummingbird Wrap in Cochinilla.

Hummingbird Wrap in Cochinilla.

They are 100% cotton and oh-so-soft.

Quetzal Wrap

Quetzal Wrap

They come in so many different colors, and make the perfect accessory to complete an outfit.


Scarves make excellent holiday gifts!



We’re having a pre-holiday sale!!  We’ve got so much coming up that quite honestly we want to make sure we can meet all the demand for the holidays, by spacing out our orders.  So from now until November 7th, get 25% off boots and 20% off everything else on kakawdesigns.com, including our brand-new wraps!

25% off boots with code: preholidayboots

20% off everything else with code: preholidaygoodies


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