Find us in Antigua and San Francisco!

One of the most common (and favorite!) question we get is:

Where can I find your products?

Well, thank you for asking!  If you’re in Guatemala, we have two boutiques well-stocked in Antigua with our products:

ShopVessel Boutique: right on the arch street, right by the arch.  Part of the plaza next to Los Tres Tiempos.  Originally from Mexico, this Antigua branch  boutique features many local brands, from beautiful one-of-a-kind dresses to cute handmade bracelets.  And we love how our boots and bags shine in that mix!



Casa de Artes: at Fourth Avenue South #11.  Just ring the bell and someone from the shop will let you in.  This is more of a textile specialty store, where many of their collector items are museum-quality, preserved for decades, handled only with white gloves on and put away wrapped in acid-free paper.  Makes sense why the security, and ringing the bell to be let in.  Truly a store full of treasures, and it is an honor to have our boots and bags in such an environment!

Display Casa de Artes

And if you’re not in Guatemala:

kakawdesigns.comyou can find everything on our website!  Make sure to check our Etsy store for products already in San Francisco, for quick shipping.

Wallflower, San Francisco: This adorable boutique in the Mission mixes gorgeous vintage items with independent designer products.  Super fun store with so much to check out and love!  Visit them at 1176 Valencia Street.

backpack on wall

macaw clutches

luggage tags

We’re ready to expand wholesale to other beautiful stores in the US!  Please let us know if you know of any stores around you that you think would be a good fit with Kakaw Designs.  Personal recommendations are always appreciated!

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