Time to Celebrate!

Things are happening in


You’ve probably heard the news: both President and Vice President forced to resign, and Guatemalans voted for a comedian as next president.

Oh yes, there’s lots going on back here in Guate-linda.  Thanks to a UN-backed investigation on corruption, both the Prez and the VP were revealed to have been involved in a huge corruption scandal, involving taking lots of bribes.  Not that surprising, but this time around, both were forced to resign, and are now facing some serious charges.  And THAT is the first!

Guatemalans have come together and they want change.  In the first round of votes for the next president, a comedian with no political experience came in first.  We won’t know until we have the next round of votes in October if Jimmy will be our next leader, but it looks likely now.  Guatemala wants out of the old corrupt political system, and maybe some comedy is exactly the answer?

Back in the US….

What a different world it is!

A part of me had forgotten what it was like for the pedestrian to have right of way, to run on the trail feeling safe, and eat such a variety of delicious foods (I had a mental list of everything I wanted to eat: Pad Thai, Pho Soup, Chipotle burrito, fresh lobster…Check, check, and check!).

I had also almost forgotten that California is a pretty cool place, and San Francisco just amazing.  This nomad saw the appeal in living in such a gorgeous town full of cool, eco-friendly people.  I admit, I felt terrible when I failed to carry a shopping bag with me, as everyone should.  Those cute little stores really sneak up on you… and then there I was, buying something without a bag.  It took a couple of times for me to learn and always carry a bag in my purse, no matter where I was going.

Don’t let this happen to you!  Celebrate bag-free California, and political changes in Guatemala!

Get two Mercado Bags for $35,

(saving $15!) so you can carry a piece of Guatemala with you and be environmentally friendly, too.

Use code “celebrateguatemala”.  Applicable for Mercado Bags sold in pairs only, and until September 30th!

Now that’s something to smile about 🙂


2 thoughts on “Time to Celebrate!

  1. Mari. good luck for the new président. And for Guatemala. Also i wish you thé best for this fall. I wanted to order thé shopping bag you were having in portland. In the same color. Was it the same size. ,,,,,?,,, Hugs

    • Hi Dominique!

      I think maybe what you saw was the Quetzal Tote, that’s the bag that I use basically everyday for myself. Or are you thinking of the bag that Sarah’s gift was in? That was a Mercado Bag, on sale right now!

      Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. 🙂

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