Bag-free California

This trip back in California, I failed a couple of times.  I failed to take a shopping bag with me!

When the destination is shopping, to the farmer’s market or grocery store, I know to take a bag with me.  That’s pretty simple.  But when I’m just walking around San Francisco and I find something in a little store unexpectedly (like vintage leather gloves or a handmade little notebook, both excellent finds!)… that’s when I realize I failed. Now that California stores have to ask if the consumer wants a bag, and they charge for them, I am always reminded of my failure. FAIL.

But I love that California has taken this big step in the green direction.  Having lived on small islands, I’ve seen the effects plastic bags can have on marine life and birds…  There’s just no need to create so much waste.

Now I carry a Mercado Bag with me everywhere I go, just in case I find another treasure somewhere.  Lesson learned.



Get your own Mercado Bag – only $25 each, handmade in Guatemala.


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