Sweet Thursday: Sweet Kelsey

This week’s special lady: Kelsey!
 photo 1
1. Where do you live in Texas, and how long have you been there?
I moved to Texas a little over two years ago and split my time between the Corpus Christi area on the Gulf of Mexico and Stephenville, a little college and rodeo town.
2. Have you started catching yourself speak “Texan”? 
“Texan talk” can be pretty fun. Y’all has definitely been integrated into my vocabulary, and it is common to hear people say “fixin’ to.” For example, “I’m fixin’ to polish my boots right now.”
photo 5

Gardening fun!

3. For those of us who have never been to this land full of cowboys and boots… what’s it like?
Boots are a big deal down here. Most people have several pairs and sometimes they get very fancy with many designs and bright colors. They are often paired with big belt buckles, and if you are a Texan lady you most likely will have rhinestones on the buckle and on your jeans. Along with boots comes the Texas Two-step which every local should know how to dance. Texas even has its own “Texas country” music genre.Texas is also the land of BBQ. Most people own smokers to BBQ their meat slowly for hours. Some Texans even have smokers attached to the back of their truck for tailgating at football games or concerts.People are very friendly down in Texas and many have noticed and admired my boots from Guatemala.

Looking good, Kelsey!

Looking good, Kelsey!


Kelsey, we wish you the best in the land of cowboys and leather boots.  Thanks for sending us your photos and being a beautiful walking advertisement for Kakaw Designs!


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