Photoshoot Fun!

Four girls, one cute VW Bug, a bunch of boots and bags in the beautiful town of Antigua on one quiet Saturday morning… What could be more fun??

It's photo adventure time!

It’s photo adventure time! Mari (me), Tara, Nuria, and Kendra behind the camera.

Taking photos can be tricky, but this picturesque town sure makes it easier.  Oh, and it helps to have such gorgeous models, too 🙂

Making shade for the photographer...

Making shade for the photographer…

I still struggle sometimes with making photos look fashionable while trying to promote values that are more sustainable and ethical than the fast-paced mainstream Fashion Industry.  But here, I think we figured it out.  We stay true to our values by using real people as models, just walking around town doing our normal thing (and stopping every so often, yes).  You won’t see us in exaggerated hair-dos and makeup, half-naked, or anything like that.  This is us, normal group of gals, looking pretty awesome as always.

We don’t want to be part of The Big Fashion with their fake advertising and lack of responsibility.  We’re real, and keeping things honest all the way from production to marketing.

Super fun day – take a look!




Can’t wait to see what the final edited shots look like – coming soon!!!


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