Sweet Thursday: Sweet Apple

 Woohoo we’re back with our Sweet Thursday series!  This week meet this absolute sweetheart: Apple!  Or as we liked to call her when she was in Guatemala, Manzanita 🙂

You may recognize her big smile and stunning curls from our website – she was one of our models last year during her visit in Guatemala, and we LOVE the shots we got of her.  Take a look at our website to spot more of Apple!

Apple at the Lake

Beautiful Apple lounging at Lake Atitlán

1. What?  You’re named after a fruit?  What’s the story there?
Well, to make a long story short, my mother was expecting a son and therefore prepared herself with the perfect boy’s name, clothing, etc. When I was born, she realized she didn’t have a backup girl’s name. Luckily, that’s when my dad came into the delivery room with a large basket of apples – my mom’s favorite fruit. Voila, creativity at it’s best (at the last minute!)
2. You’re an international child.  How do you think your experiences with different cultures and countries have shaped you?
I am very grateful for my international background as it has helped me understand various foundations of knowledge, decode seemingly odd behaviors, and truly appreciate the variety of people around me. I am almost as equally grateful for the superhuman stomach that it has equipped me with.
Apple with Hummingbird Scarf

Apple with Hummingbird Scarf

3. What was it like to model for Kakaw Designs?  (We know you’re a professional model, you did great, of course!)
Modeling for Kakaw Designs was fun! Not so much because I thought I was unleashing some untapped talent, but because we had to shoot in one of the most gorgeous locations in Guatemala. It was a great experience with a good group of people and I would love to do it again, wherever in the world Kakaw Designs decides to go next. (*hint, hint*)
We love you, Apple!

We love you, Apple!

Apple, we love you, and yes, we’ll keep you in mind for more photos in the future! XOXO

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