Textile Travels

One of the best things about having Kakaw Designs is the ability to meet and form relationships with artisans, all over Guatemala.  I love to travel – and I love that there is now purpose in my travel: for the best textiles.

Last month, I went on another textile adventure – to some new, and others familiar, places.  I was able to buy directly from women producers and cooperatives of weavers many new textile pieces for our boots, bags, and accessories.  And, of course, I met with Francisca from our partner cooperative at Lake Atitlán as we work on developing new designs.   Take a look!

Cobán Loom

Backstrap loom in the outskirts of Cobán

Weavers Chajul

Weavers at a cooperative in Chajul, Nebaj.

Chajul Reds

Bright reds characterize this small village high up in the mountains. Chajul.

San Juan Cotzal Weaving

Master weaver at a cooperative in San Juan Cotzal. Beautiful colors from natural dyes!

Salon San Juan Laguna

A local beauty salon in San Juan la Laguna, with sign written in the local Tzutujil language. It feels so out of place!

Francisca Green

Francisca shows how to get different shades of green from natural dyes.

Francisca Soup

Francisca made the most delicious soup! Thank you!

Atitlan Book

Gotta put in some relax time in there – can’t let the beauty of Lake Atitlán go to waste!

We’re now well-stocked with beautiful textiles!  We look forward to forming meaningful relationships with these and other talented weavers around Guatemala.


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