Bags Galore!

When we started Kakaw Designs, we were all about boots.  Custom-made, unique pairs of boots.  Since then, we’re expanded to handmade bags made with new and upcycled traditional textiles, and of course genuine leather.

Bags, bags, bags!


We’re especially excited to be working with bags more now, because our bag designs enable us to give more work to our partner women weavers.  They make our beautiful textiles for the Hummingbird Boots, too, but the simple truth is that for boots we need a lot more leather to make them durable.  After all, we want our boots to last years and years.

Hummingbird Boots


With that said, we’re making it a point to expand Kakaw Designs in ways that support the weavers more.  And one simple way to do that is design products that use more textile than leather.  In the case of our new Macaw Tote (coming soon on the website!), the women at the cooperative did such a wonderful job making our intricate ikat designs come to life.   Remember, all the textiles from our partner weavers are hand-dyed andhand-woven through the backstrap technique. To learn more about this lengthy and amazing process, take a look at our video:




We love our new double-dyed ikat textiles!  Coming soon as Macaw Totes!


Big thank you to Francisca and all the lovely weavers at Lake Atitlán.  They’re fantastic, and we look forward to working more and more with them!  Stay tuned for new designs coming up!

With Francisca from our partner cooperative.  San Juan la Laguna

Francisca, you’re amazing!



Our wonderful partner weavers




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