Using everything

We try to be sustainable and ethical with our practices in Guatemala, which we do well by paying high wages to our talented artisans for their skilled work.  We have a wonderful thing going now with our partnerships with local weavers and leather smiths.  We upcycle used textiles and have new designs made for our products using environmentally-friendly natural dyes and traditional backstrap looms to conserve the women’s lifestyles at home (they weave from their homes).

Needless to say, there are always challenges.  One has been: what to do with our textile scraps?  Of course we use the best parts for our boots and bags, but that means that there are always smaller pieces left over.  For our most popular textiles like San Juan Design, this means a lot of smaller pieces.


Well, we’re excited to be putting these smaller scraps to use!   We’re soon going to offer card holders and luggage tags as part of our upcoming Macaw Collection, along with a new clutch.  Another way for us to reduce waste in our practices.  After all, these pieces were woven by hand and every inch deserves to be used and enjoyed.  We hope you love them as much as we do.


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