Sweet Thursday: Sweet Sarah

This week’s beauty, inside and out: Sarah!
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1. Where are you from?  (Is this a simple question or a rather complicated one to answer?)
It’s a tough question, haha! I was born and raised in Paris, France. When I was 13, my mom and I moved to the SF Bay Area, where she remarried shortly thereafter. I finished high school in the city and attended college at UC Davis. I’ve lived in Boston for five years now, but when people ask me where I’m from, I’ll often either give a short answer and say California, or give the longer version and recount this story. To me, Paris and the Bay Area are both my homes, but in different sentimental ways.
2. So the word is that your dog is famous.  What’s this about??
HA! We rescued Remy a year ago from a non-profit organization called the Sato Project. Their mission is to rescue abandoned and hurt dogs from Puerto Rico who have been dumped on a beach called Dead Dog Beach. Animal cruelty is a big problem there. After we adopted Remy, a volunteer from the organization contacted me to say that they were looking for a cute pup to represent them in the catalog of an online dog supply store called “In the Company of Dogs.” They thought Remy would be great for this, so he went to get his picture taken with toys and ended up a model in their catalog. The photographers and catalog teams loved him so much that they made him Dog of The Month for April 2014. It was SO fun!
3. When is the best time to wear your Kakaw boots in the Boston area?
Hands down, the best season for the short boots is the Fall – also the best season in New England. The temperatures are crisp but still comfortable, the weather is dry, the foliage turns all kinds of reds, browns, yellows and even purples. Parks in New England look like paintings! It’s the perfect time to wear the boots without worrying about the cold or humidity, not to mention that the textile color pairs beautifully with this scenic landscape.
 In pretty Autumn
4. How do you like to wear your boots? 
The boots can be paired with so many different outfits. I love corduroys, but they work with skinny jeans, as well as with skirts or tunics with leggings. They’re very fun and you can create many styles!
Thanks, Sarah, for sending us these gorgeous shots of you, and answering our questions.  You look great!

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