Sweet Thursday: Sweet Krystal

Krystal was so nice to take and send us these gorgeous photos all the way from DC with her Kakaw boots!  We think she’s pretty awesome for that, but that’s not the only reason.  Read on:

Sweet Krystal enjoying the cherry blossoms in DC

Sweet Krystal enjoying the cherry blossoms in Washington DC

1. Where are you from, and where do you live now?  

I hail from California but currently reside in DC as a Fellow at the US Environmental Protection Agency.


2. Can you tell us about the day these stunning photos were taken?  
My boyfriend and I had a 6am date on a Thursday. It was spring and the notorious DC cherry blossoms were in bloom for only a week. We had a Nikon D3100 camera, coffee, and were ready to shoot some beautiful pictures. We thought we were clever but there were already quite a few of tourist and locals trying to capture the bloom. Every time we tried to take pictures there were three other people in the frame. But we were not deterred! It was a beautiful morning and we had at least a couple of hours before work! We walked along the Lincoln Memorial and Tidal Basin (which is located right next to the Jefferson Memorial) and voila! We found several spots of peace and quiet. But the real money shots were when we decided to leave and get a well deserved croissant for breakfast. On our walk we found beautiful spots reflecting the Washington Monument. It was a great morning and yes, it was a wonderful date.
What a sweet couple :)

What a sweet couple 🙂

3. We know you came to visit Guatemala a couple of times, do you have a favorite spot?
Guatemala is such an awesome place and I encourage everyone to take a walk through it. My favorite spot is two folds. The first is Earth Lodge which is a natural retreat located above Antigua and with views of Guatemala’s volcanos. And Santa Clara, a local bakery, with their delicious, if you could guess it…fresh baked croissant.
Thanks again, Krystal, for sharing the photos and stories!  Thank your boyfriend for us too 🙂  We hope you’ll come back to visit us in Guatemala again. 
And to all the sweet girls out there with Kakaw gear – we’d love to hear from you! hello@kakawdesigns.com

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