Sweet Thursday: Sweet Brianna

Round Three on the weekly series highlighting some of our most spectacular Kakaw gear owners.  It’s so fun to hear their stories, and Bri sure is not short of stories!

Bri and Berry

1. Where is home for you?
 Well if they say “home is where the heart is” than I would have to say my heart is split in 2. Part of my heart I left in my home town of Colorado Springs, Colorado. It’s like my little treasure box full of loved ones and good memories, plus the mountains make it a simply georgeous place to be. 

The other part of my heart I keep with me. His name is Aaron (husband) so where ever he is, home is too:) 

2. How long have you been in Antigua, and what do you do in town?
December marks my official 2 year anniversary in Antigua! I think I’ve been back to the States twice. I’m at the point where I am expecting people to come and visit me! 
My husband and I run a free cafe for the homeless. We opened about a year ago and it has been so much fun seeing it grow. The basic goal is to offer a safe place for the homeless and drug addicts to come so that we can help them get back on their feet. We host clinics, run clothing drives and work closely with rehabs in the city. All of this with a free cup of coffee. It’s a simple concept, but we hope to make a big impact. 
3. Could you share with us some of your favorite things about Guatemala, and some of the most difficult challenges you’ve encountered here?
Favorite things: comida típica (including Pollo Compero!), the language, open markets and the ever changing expat community that is Antigua. La gente are funnier than I had expected and their loyalty in friendship is something that people in the States could learn from. 
Challenges: I know this sound funny, but I really miss the change of seasons; the snow especially. I also tend to be more introverted so the crowds and openly friendly culture can sometimes be overwhelming for me. Ooh and interstates….I miss interstates… 
Bri Coffee

Pondering life in Guatemala…

“I love you too”

Thank you so much for sharing, Bri!  You’re awesome and just inspiring to chat with.  And you look great in your Macaw Boots 🙂


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