Sweet Thursday: Sweet Taylor

Alright, guys, get ready for this adorable girl: Taylor Neely!
Can you tell this girl’s amazing just from these shots?  She truly is!
1. Where are you from?
A: I am from Drop, Texas – a small farming community about 20 miles west of Denton, TX.
2. How many times have you been to Guatemala, and why?
A: I go to Guatemala at least once a year with my mom to visit my abuelo, tios, y primos (as I am media-chapina). There have only been two or three years that I can recall in which I have not been able to visit – I am 24 years old so I’ve been about 22 times…ish
3. Tell us about your experience most recently in Antigua… what were you doing?  Why Antigua?  And how did everything go?
A: I am currently working on my Doctorate of Physical Therapy through Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene,TX. My school was generous enough to let me do clinical internship at a place called Healing Hands Therapy Spa – I had met the Physical Therapist who owns the clinic 2 years prior and was invited to complete an internship with her. Therefore, my most recent trip to Antigua was a beautiful 2 months of learning, gaining friendships and discovering new perspectives through being able to treat people from all walks of life (i.e., natives, x-pats, retired foreigners, tourists, etc.).
 My time in Antigua left me with a heart that is discontent with the idea of sharing my skills only in the states. This trip acted as a  catalyst to my future plans of bringing my professional skills back to Guate and using them (pro bono) to help a population that doesn’t have immediate access to the type of healthcare that can bring immediate changes to overall quality of life. Along  with gaining  ambitions this past trip allowed me to meet unique, dynamic, and fantastic individuals that I am proud to call my friends.
4. Are you a yoga guru?
A: Ha, no. I am no guru, but I love doing it –  It makes me feel like a ballerina.
5. Have you gone dancing in your boots in Texas yet?
A: Porsupuesto! I did a little two-steppin’ in my boots at my sister’s wedding. The leather soles are PERFECT for spins and twirls!
Taylor, come back soon.  Antigua misses you!
Antigua photo credit: Greyson Harris

Mari Gray

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