Sweet Thursday: Sweet Kendra

At Kakaw Designs, we’re all about people.  We support local artisans in their traditional crafts, and we love to share about these handmade processes and the amazing people behind them.  But we’ve also found out that we have some pretty spectacular people on the other side too, the ones supporting the artisans by purchasing our products.

We’d like to highlight some of these amazing gals in the coming weeks for our Sweet Thursday series.  Let’s kick this off today with this lovely lady: Kendra McLaughlin.

Superstar of the Day: Kendra McLaughlin
Girl of the Day: Kendra McLaughlin with her baby Cittaya

Kendra shared her life story with me over a cup of tea in Antigua.  I knew there was something special about her, and I was right!  She’s a pure international lady, having lived in sooooooo many places: Florida, Roatan (the Bay Islands of Honduras), Guatemala, Spain, New Mexico, Arizona, India, Canada, and Australia.  And that’s just counting the places she’s lived in, not just traveled on vacation.

These days, she’s back in Antigua, Guatemala, where she grew up as a child.  One of her many homes, Guatemala holds a special place in her heart because “the people are so welcoming, always with a smile.”  She seems struck with a sense of grace and compassion that is unique to the country.

She’s an island girl also in love with mountains, and now that she has a husky, I see snow in her near future…

Three short questions to get a feel for Kendra:

1. Out of all the places you have visited, do you have a favorite? (If not, maybe top 3?)
– India
– Morocco
– Malawi

2. Where is your next dream destination, if you could go anywhere in the world?  Why?
Greece ( always dreamed of going to see the white washed buildings and blue shutters on beautiful rugged shore line and the ocean) 

3. What’s your favorite occasion for wearing your Hummingbird Boots?
I wear them every day!

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