Social Entrepreneurship Talk

Last month, I was invited to share my story with Kakaw Designs for a university class at Universidad Rafael Landívar in Antigua, Guatemala.  What an honor!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but the process was natural through videos, products, a little nervous talk on my part, and lots of questions from the students.  It was a refreshing experience for me  as a founder of Kakaw Designs, and also as a teacher here in Guatemala to know that there are students who really are curious, open, eager to ask questions, and think critically.

It was also a fantastic reminder of how far we’ve come as a socially-conscious business.  The student who invited me for the talk had prepared to show my horrific Kickstarter video (this is when I started sweating, yes), but it turned out to be a rewarding retrospective exercise.  So, I’ll share it with you here.  This video with the project goal of only $2000 started what is today Kakaw Designs!


2 thoughts on “Social Entrepreneurship Talk

  1. I never saw that video before. Not horrific! I would say, cute, instead. Loving how professional your new logo and company name is, without losing the original passion and purpose. I use my bag every day. Loving my boots, too.

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