Huipil to Boot

As you probably know already, our Original Boot is made with upcycled woven textiles.  These woven pieces are either huipil (traditional blouse) or corte (traditional wrap skirt), both still worn by women in indigenous communities.  The designs are eclectic, with colors and patterns bursting.  Because these textile pieces differ so much by village, we are able offer a varied selection of options for your own custom-made boots.

Well, check out the transformation from Huipil to Boot for our Tecpán Lillies textile option:



Here’s a photo of the Tecpán Lillies Huipil in its original blouse form:

Tecpán Lillies Huipil

Tecpán Lillies Huipil



The huipil is then cut into boot-size pieces:

Boot-size pieces


This is when Don Julio works his leathersmithing magic, and about a week later…. (more to come in  about the leatherwork process soon) Ta-Da!  Here is the finished product:

Ta-Da!!  The Original Short Boot with Tecpán Lillies

Ta-Da!! The Original Short Boot with Tecpán Lillies

So, that’s the process behind the custom-made Orignal Boot.  We always have 8 textile options on our website, and they are changed when we run out of one.  For example, this Tepán Lillies textile piece will make two pairs of boots.  You’ve already seen one, so we have enough for only one more.  After that, we take the image off the website and put up a different one, so that we always have 8 different options.

Check out the options we have right now at!


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