Semana Santa

Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is THE week to be in Antigua.  Thousands upon thousands of people flood the colonial cobble-stoned streets of the town either as a pilgrimage to witness the daily processions or to spend their vacation drinking and eating in the streets (or both).

While the local Panza Verdes (those from Antigua) may love or hate the crowds of people that Semana Santa brings, nobody can argue that it is a very special time to be in Antigua.

What’s the attraction, you ask?  The alfombras, or carpets, made out of flowers, pine needles, fruits, and colored sawdust.  Sometimes hours and hours of meticulous work is put into a single alfombra, all to be paraded on when a procession passes.

Take a look at some of the photos!

These alfombras were prepared at night for the Good Friday procession starting at 4am.  The lines of people walk over the beautiful carpets like below.  Such a short life, but a beautiful one.

walk on alfombra2

walk on alfombra

Ifyou’re still interested, here are some more alfombra photos from 2010.

Happy Semana Santa, everyone!


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