Design your boots in person!

It’s always more fun to do things in person rather than online, and I definitely had lots of fun designing boots together with Irene and Ellen yesterday.

Irene and Ellen have been living in Antigua for 7 years now, and I was very much flattered when they contacted me about ordering Gray Boots, especially since  I’m not-so-secretly a fan of theirs.  Their song “I’ll Fly Away” was featured in O Brother Where Art Thou, and I’ve been humming the tunes pretty much non-stop (sorry, roomie!) since I first met the sisters last week through a common friend.

We had a great time choosing a textile piece and even exactly which part of the piece to use for boots, having their feet measured and traced, and meeting our boot maker Carlos in person.  Their boots will be ready in 4 days, at which point they requested to take another field trip to Pastores to see the finished products.

I loved this experience of designing boots in person; of feeling the textiles, smelling the leather, and meeting real people.  First and foremost I would like Gray Boots to be a treasured item for years to come, and taking an active role in the design process, I believe, is key for the appreciation of the product.  




Ellen and Irene choosing their textile pieces

If you’re in Guatemala and interested in designing your boots in person at a special in-country rate, please contact Mari at or (502) 5328-3576.


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