Choosing your sole: Leather vs. Rubber

We’re very happy to offer many options to customize your unique boots, because we believe that it’s important for our clients to take an active role in the design process.  We want our clients to love and wear their boots for years and years.

But if you’re not sure which sole to choose, Leather or Rubber, let me give you some pointers:

Leather vs. Rubber

Leather vs. Rubber


– Is hand-warped beautifully by a local leathersmith.

– Has a little slick at first, which wears off with time.

– The heel comes with rubber for stability.

– Allows for lots of spinning on the dance floor.


– All walking surface is covered with the rubber sole.

– Allows for a better walking grip for stability even on slippery surfaces (but no spinning on the dance floor).

– Recommended if you expect lots of walking on sleek surfaces like tile.

I hope this helps!  Remember, if you have any questions, just shoot an email to


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