Kickstarter Project Launched!

Oh my goodness, the Kickstarter Project is up!  Check it out here and please help spread the word!

How it works: The goal is set at $2,000, and people pledge how ever much they wish, and they receive the corresponding rewards at the end of the campaign (Saturday, December 14th!) given that the total goal is met.  If we don’t make the $2,000 goal (oh no!), nobody is charged and no rewards are given.
This is a pretty small project, with a small goal and low production caps.  But by combining orders and taking advantage of people who can take suitcases full of goodies to the states, both you and I are able to save on shipping.  So take a look yourself, and please spread the word!
If you are looking for a lovely gift for a special girl, consider giving her the gift to design her own pair of unique boots!  There’s no way you can go wrong with a gift like that!



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